1.3 A new purpose

I can’t believe barely a year ago I was a naive young student without a care in the world.  I was a man, no, a boy, with a different name, different, face, different world.

But now I am a man.

At work we have been told constantly that part of our duty to restore Riverview is to help repopulate it.  There is no contraception available right now, and we are told to embrace this opportunity, to bring the next generation into the world.

This isn’t a world I would have chosen to raise my children in, but this world is all we have.

And there is no-one I would rather raise a family with than my beloved Shana.  We agreed that it was our duty to have children and raise them the best we could.  It won’t be easy in this world with little sterlisation equipment, no nurseries and few resources, but we want to be the best parents we can and raise children who will help continue our mission to restore our home.

Screenshot-1055Shana took to pregnancy well, not letting it defeat her spirits.  She worked from home every day.  I can’t believe how amazing this woman is, can’t believe she’s mine.

Screenshot-1063Giving birth in the yard surrounded by plates of hot dogs is the last thing I would have desired for Shana, or for my first child.  Seeing her in this much pain, with no drugs, no sterilisation equipment, no midwives or doctors was the hardest moment of my life, but she never complained about her lot.

Screenshot-1065Our daughter, Byzantium, does not sense the danger or fear of the world she has been born into.  She is so innocent, so pure, so beautiful, and for her, I am determined to do all I can to ensure the future of Riverview.  I want my little girl to know a world free of mob rule, free of curfews, a world where she can taste fresh produce as I once did, where she can make friends with other children – where there will be other children to make friends with.  I want her to learn, to love, to live a long, fruitful, happy life.  I don’t know what her childhood will be like in reality.  I know she will not have the easy time I did.  But maybe her children will.  Oh my darling daughter, I would give anything for you, I would give my life for you.  I hope you understand that when daddy has to work, when he has to struggle; that when mummy needs to exercise or mend the sink or cook the food that it isn’t because we don’t love you enough to give you all of our time, it is because we love you so much we want to work for a better world for you.


5 Responses to “1.3 A new purpose”

  1. moondaisy101 Says:

    He sounds like a wonderful dad… where are his stepsons?
    Can’t wait to read the rest.

  2. I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying this very much and am looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. raquelaroden Says:

    Yay for offspring! Another possible restriction-lifter. 🙂

  4. Lilly - Baucom Legacy Says:

    Soo Alphabetical? Lol, but I love how the names are so unique.

  5. Aww, he seems like such a sweetie. *hugs Alf*

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