1.6 The darkest night is before the dawn

Screenshot-1751Children grow so fast.  It seemed like one moment my little boy Davros was a baby…

Screenshot-1752…and the next he was all grown-up.

The children have been so resilient.  Perhaps it is because they know nothing else but this life.  They work hard and they never complain.  They are perhaps more sombre than children ought to be, but they have witnessed death so young, they have little to smile about.  Despite this, they are all close and I think they will help keep each other safe through the years to come.

Screenshot-1601My eldest daughter, Byzantium, has taken to painting.  Although the mob only allow us to keep one painting on the lot, Byzantium likes to paint different things.  We change the display painting a lot.  The rest of them…

…it breaks my heart to say it, but the rest are used as fuel for the grill.  Byzantium doesn’t cry, though, doesn’t complain.  She just gets up and starts again.  Seeing her creativity spring to life has had a remarkable effect on us all.  It’s given us some light in the dark days since Lulu’s death.

But most remarkable of all is the effect it has had on my wife Shana.  For a long time, she had been depressed, sullen, unwilling to do much.  But one day, she saw one of Byzantium’s paintings, of leaves on a vine, and something was stirred within her.  It must have been the pure hope of our little girl who’d never seen real vine leaves or any plant-life herself, that one day she would see those things.  Since that day, my wife has returned to me.  She is open, loving, warm and hard-working, just as she was when I fell in love with her.

Screenshot-7It wasn’t long before it was time for Byzantium to become a teenager.  I felt my heart break a little as I saw my gorgeous girl edging closer to womanhood and knowing she wouldn’t be able to enjoy parties, make-up, concerts, sports or any of the things teenagers are supposed to enjoy.

Seeing her grow made me ever more determined to work hard to secure our future.  The same was true of Shana, who was asked to help establish a new police corps – a role she gladly accepted.

Soon our other daughters also made the transition to teenagehood.  Chaotica looks just like Shana – other than inheriting my wretched skin condition.

Screenshot-247Castrovalva, on the other hand, is very much her own person.

Screenshot-254The girls continue to work hard.  Cas has started to develop a love for painting, and she has more time to use the easel now, because her big sister has found a new interest…

Screenshot-258In the past, it would be traditional for parents to object to their teenager’s first love… but I can’t help but smile.  I’m so glad something is finally making my daughter happy.  I’m even more happy that she is now able to bring friends home.

You see, things have been changing at the military base.  We’ve made real breakthroughs in our attempts to secure peace for Riverview, and open up channels with the towns surrounding us.

Our world is looking brighter every day.  I can see a future for us.  I can see us rebuilding our town and being welcomed once more into the world around us.  I know for sure now that this blight will not keep us down for ever.


My name is Alf Lazarus, astronaut.


16 Responses to “1.6 The darkest night is before the dawn”

  1. moondaisy101 Says:

    Wow… he lifted the military restriction? Well done, Alf!!!

  2. raquelaroden Says:

    Yay for Alfie! This will help matters a bit. 🙂

  3. Lilly - Baucom Legacy Says:

    Awesome. Things seem to be lightening up.

  4. Yay! One restriction down! 18 to go! 😛

  5. Arden103 Says:


    I give you my deepest regards for thou’s marveelaous Lulu

    (read marvelous as marveelaous)

  6. Did you get to the top of military before marrying & having kids?
    I’m doing the apocalypse challenge myself and I’m amazed you did it in only 4 generations. My sims are having a hard time sharing that one group meal without having four whole kids at once @_@

    • The food thing was awful – but the meal they get at school saved the day many times.

      No, married and had kids before lifting military – restriction in the rules I played was about leaving lot, not about marrying.

  7. Oh wait, what rules are you following?

    I’m using these rules, which I guess must be a lot stricter @_@ I notice you used items that weren’t the cheapest in buy mode. Your apocalypse world seems like a world my sims wish they could live in … oh my.

    Please reply, I am very curious!

    • I used Ashleigh’s rules – there’s a link on here somewhere assuming they’re still in operation – it was in 2009…

      Do you blog your apoc? Would love to see it…

      • Man, I would have loved to blog my apocalypse if I actually knew I’d go through with the whole thing. I’ve tried it before and given up by the 2nd generation, so I didn’t bother this time.

        Thanks for replying back so fast :O

        I’m already with my 3rd generation heir about to turn young adult, so it’s a bit late to start a story now 😡

      • Well done on getting so far though 🙂

    • http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/72978.page

      These were the rules I used (pre-World Adventures version)

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