1.7 Life goes on


The skies are a little clearer in Riverview now – so much so that I am able to go and visit other people in the town without the car if I need to.  My family can’t, though, their lungs are not strong enough.  Still, Shana is working on that by exercising a lot.  She has lost so much weight recently – I’m proud of her willpower.


Since Lulu died in that terrible fire, we have felt haunted by her presence.  We all wake at night, and the children sometimes burst into uncontrollable tears.  It’s as if we can never sleep soundly in our beds until her spirit is put at rest.  Shana has made it her mission to help the poor girl’s soul find some peace.  When she comes haunting us at night, Shana wakes and talks to the girl.  At first, Lulu was reluctant to speak to her, but they have started to build up something of a friendship.  I hope it won’t be long until the poor girl finds that relief she’s looking for.


Davros, my youngest boy, is no longer so small.


I now have four teenage children.  It amazes me how they all look like me and they all look like Shana, yet they are each so uniquely themselves.  It is different having teenagers around the house – they are not as hard work as toddlers, not as easy to get on with as children.  They have their own struggles – they hear of other towns and cities where young people have the freedom they are denied.  Sometimes they rally against living here, despite knowing they have no choice.  There are very few young people at their school, and all are scarred in the same ways.  It is so unfair that they should be denied so many opportunities.  They work hard and even though there is little for them to do here, they manage by writing stories, painting and reading books.

Screenshot-251Our lodger, Oscar, is still living with us.  We asked him if he wanted to move, but he feels at home with us and he knows so few other people.  Since the fire, he has been physically and emotionally scarred, and taken to talking to himself a lot.  But he is training to be a cook in order to prevent similar disasters occuring in the future.  Chaotica has taken it upon herself to cheer Oscar up.  She talks to him a lot and seems to be able to get through to him in a way neither Shana or I can manage.


Byzantium, my eldest, will soon be a young woman.  Her boyfriend visits us every night, although she still makes time for her homework.  I suspect she will marry young and will move out not long after her birthday.  I don’t blame her.  Although I would rather she could have a university education and live a carefree existence for a few years first, she will have to grow up young as I had to.  She will be fine though.  She is a Lazarus – she is born to overcome the darkness.


6 Responses to “1.7 Life goes on”

  1. moondaisy101 Says:

    Great finishing line to this chapter.
    You really write beautifully, pictures in the mind beyond the ones on the screen.

  2. Lilly - Baucom Legacy Says:

    Chaotica is my favorite so far.

  3. why is one of your sims fat even though they only get one meal a day?

    • Because she was always like that. She gets thin later when she exercises a lot. The game hasn’t exactly thought weight through very well.

  4. Arden103 Says:

    I luv ur story just had to say

    Sorry ter be spamin u Rad

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