2.10 Breakthrough

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Since Dad passed away, things have felt very different around here.  It’s as if our home has in some way lost its heart, its soul.  We will survive, we will grow, we will love – but we cannot replace him, we cannot replace what we have lost.  We need to find a new way to live, just as he had to.

Ezri and Echo have been great around the house, helping to keep things clean and looking after their little brother.  I think it helps them to cope with their grief if they can do things around the house.

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In the midst of grief, we have also had cause to celebrate.  My two youngest children are growing up so quickly.  Firefly is now a teenager like her big sisters, and she looks so much like my sister Castrovalva that it’s almost spooky.

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Gaius is a delight to have around, and being able to focus our love and attention on him has really given us a focus since losing Dad.  It breaks my heart that he is too young to have known his grandparents.  I know he would have adored them.  I know they would have adored him.

But the person who is going through the most profound changes is my little brother, Davros.  Dad’s death really threw him.  He adored Dad, and he looked up to him so much.  It’s as if seeing Dad pass over has thrown a switch inside my brother and caused him to focus on what he wants from life.

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He decided that it was time to marry his girlfriend Gloria.  They had a private ceremony here, and Gloria has now become part of our household.  It’s so amazing to see the smile she has put on Davros’s face.  They have been friends since they were teenagers and it’s clear they really love each other.


Gloria has been a great addition to the household.  She’s bubbly and friendly, and has been a real tonic to us in our low times.  Gaius just loves his auntie Gloria, and I wonder if she and Davros will decide to have children of their own.

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I hope so: Byzantium and Shavran’s now also have a son, Ramon, and it’d be wonderful if he and Gaius had another little cousin to play with.


Gloria works in the evening.  She works as a personal trainer for some of the richer folk in town.  The rich folk here include the members of the Alto gang, and I hope she isn’t getting mixed up with those people.  I don’t feel I can ask her about her clients, it feels a little invasive when we’re just getting to know each other, but I do hope she knows what she’s doing.  It’s nice to have a partner to workout with, though.  I used to exercise with my mother and father and it’s at these times I really miss them – having Gloria to talk to helps the pain of loss dissipate a little.


Being married clearly agrees with Davros.  He has become fully trained as a surgical doctor now and he and his colleagues have also been making some amazing breakthroughs that will change our town for ever.  They have discovered a way to create several medicines now; there may even be a cure for the skin complaint I and my two eldest daughters suffer with.  It will come too late for us, but it may well be possible that my grandchildren won’t inherit it.

There is something even more exciting, something that I keep crying about because it’s so amazing.


They have found a way to purify our water and to get us fully running water in our shelters: we now can take showers.  Only Oscar has ever experienced this before, and he was ecstatic to be able to shower again.  I don’t think he’d expected this to happen in his lifetime.

The first time I experienced it, I was overwhelmed.  The stream of water coming down on my body, my face, my hair was both cleansing and frightening: I felt so clean, so pure, but also afraid at this water coming down so fast, I felt as if it would wash me away.  It was a beautiful but terrifying experience.  This will take some getting used to, but it is such a precious gift that my brother and his colleagues have given us.  So many people in this town have been so sick, so many have died so young, but maybe now we will see greater healing, maybe now the effects of the accident will begin to diminish.

I know that right now mum and dad will be looking down, smiling.


11 Responses to “2.10 Breakthrough”

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  2. worsiedog Says:

    I am so glad Oscar got to see running water again before he died!

  3. DB loves her Mac Says:

    Wow, I hadn’t thought about how scary a shower would be for someone who’d only ever known the water to be dangerous. Nicely done!

  4. Davros is doing extremely well, hooray for lifting the medical ban! Showers should help your sims’s moods immensely, right? 🙂
    Firefly looks almost identical to Castrovalva! It’s amazing that genes come from further in the family than just a mix of the parents.

  5. moondaisy101 Says:

    I’m so thrilled and totally agree with DB on how you made a simple shower sound like such a gift and yet a frightening experience, because there were no showers before. Brilliant, Rad!

  6. I’m so proud of you for lifting so many restrictions. I made a mistake in designing my shelter so I can just barely fit four people in it, which makes for much less opportunity to lift restrictions.

    • Well I built up so there are multiple floors (the restrictions don’t mention limits on number of floors, just not having one on the ground floor) – I think you need multiple levels to fit the sims in.

  7. raquelaroden Says:

    Yay! Showers! That’s one of the hardest things to deal with in this challenge, I imagine (I think it would drive me nuts!). I’m so happy they can take showers now!

    • You do get used to it, but it makes a difference – for example, promotions come faster since they had them, and pregnancies are more likely to be happy (many of the early pregnancies were miserable)

      • theemmettlegacy Says:

        Its amazing that something so minor (to us) could make such a difference to the game!

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