2.11 Joys and sorrows


The advances in medical treatment that Davros and his colleagues have been fighting for are proving a real joy to this town and to my family.  I’m starting to get used to the sensation of having a shower.  It feels less frightening than it once did.  I can’t say I will ever feel totally comfortable with it, but the feeling of being clean is amazing, and being able to drink clean water is the most precious thing.  What is also a precious miracle is that they could help Oscar – they could heal his scars to the extent that they stopped marring his appearance.  He was so transformed it boosted his work performance and he was promoted.


To be able to look into the face of the man I loved, now healed from such longstanding pain – such a great blessing.


My children are all growing up so quickly.  It doesn’t seem long since they were all infants, but now my baby boy, Gaius, is a child and has started going to school.


He is best friends with his cousin, Ramon.  Byzantium and I are both thrilled that the boys love spending time together so much.  They aren’t really allowed out to play very often because the atmosphere is still too dangerous for them, but they spend all their school time together.  They are are still only a very small number of children and young people in our town.  I hope it won’t be too difficult for my children to find partners and friends of their own; it’s so important to have close friends in this climate.  I would be lost without my siblings, Oscar and my fellow athletes.


Byzantium and Shavran have now had a daughter as well.  I cried when I heard what they had named her: Shana.  She is perfect.  I just wish mum could be here to meet her namesake.


Davros continues to work hard at the hospital – although he’s achieved so much he feels his work is never fully done.  As for Gloria, she still works out a lot, but I do worry about this personal training work she does.  One night she stayed out all night and didn’t return home until the morning – and she has to wear some strange outfits.  She says it’s fine, but I am concerned for her.


All of my daughters are now young women and have very definite ideas about what they want from life.  Echo still has her heart set on making music.  She spends her days entertaining people in our local makeshift arts centre.  The Alto mob aren’t happy that such a place exists, but so many people attend the concerts there that they allow it, as long as they can still take their share of the profits.  Echo’s music is incredibly beautiful – she really does have a talent.


Ezri and Firefly have both joined our local police force.  My mum worked for the police for a time and I am so pleased the girls will be helping to carry on her work in some small manner.  I think it’ll be a hard road for them: I don’t envy them trying to work without the Alto mob attacking them, but they both seem set on restoring order to this town and I am so proud of their determination.


Being able to exercise with my girls as well as my sister-in-law is such a pleasure, and they are taking to their new regime very well.

I know that soon I must decide which of my children to approach, as my father approached me, to talk about carrying on our family’s work.  I hope one of them will take on the responsibility of being the head of this household and raising the next generation.  I know they all have their hopes and dreams, I only hope that raising a family is among those dreams.  I don’t know which of them will be able to take on this task – I don’t want to force a decision on one of them, but I hope I will know.  I hope I can pass on to them even a little of the wisdom, courage and strength my father showed to me.


My athletic career is blossoming – I get such a thrill from playing games.  We have even managed to come up with a team strip to help us feel united as one force.


My nephew Ramon was so taken with it, he got his auntie Cas and her friends to make him a copy.  Seeing Ramon has really touched me: I always wanted to inspire people to take up sport and to become healthy and it feels as if that is finally happening.

I would love to end this dispatch here, on a note of joy and celebration.  But I can’t hide what has happened to me, to us.


My husband Oscar was leaving work, one shift away from achieving his goal to be certified as a five-star chef.  He was 96, he’d had many health problems in his life, he was tired.  Oscar slipped away from us.


Although I had always known he would go first, it didn’t lessen the pain.  My Oscar, my friend for all of my life, my lover, my husband, the father of my beautiful children.

It brought it all back to me: losing Lulu, mum, dad – and now Oscar has joined them.  Only two or three survivors remain in this town and soon they will be gone, too.  Everything about this feels so tragic, feels too much.  I know I will soon be an old woman, as will my sisters and brother.  I have so much I still want to achieve, yet without Oscar by my side, the pain will be so great.  I only hope I can bear it for his sake, for the sake of all the survivors who worked so hard for us.


We buried him near mum, dad and Lulu.  I hope he finds peace there.


I don’t know how to breathe, I don’t know how to look ahead.  I don’t know how I can face the days ahead.  He was precious, he was mine.  And now he is gone.


15 Responses to “2.11 Joys and sorrows”

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  2. WAAAAAAA! Not fair! But then, so much is not fair in an apocalypse legacy.

    You must have been very fast to get the pic with the cellphone falling!

  3. moondaisy101 Says:

    I didn’t recognise Oscar at first without his scars. I’m sorry for the family’s loss. Poor Chaotica. His children must be devastated as well. He was such a good daddy.

  4. The kids’ responses will come out more in the next chapter or two, especially as the legacy begins to move into their hands more and more. Poor Chaotica indeed. And poor me, as I have to get someone else to lift culinary. He was only one shift away from doing it! How unfair!

  5. hrootbeer Says:

    I love this story. I felt so sad for her now that Oscar is dead. But it still seems like more and more hope is infused into the story.

    • I guess his death brings home how the situation is still difficult for them (and me) – had he not been singed he’d have been able to top his career a long time ago, but then he would probably have also married Lulu if the fire hadn’t happened. The challenge does have a lot of what ifs – I guess that’s fitting given the situation.

      I’ve now decided who the next heir will be. I still haven’t fully found this person’s voice yet but it’s coming. It wasn’t who I initially thought it’d be, but I won’t tell you who it is yet – I’ll let Chaotica do that next time she writes a dispatch.

  6. Poor Oscar. So sad that he didn’t manage to top culinary. You must have ben screaming at the computer.
    Is Gloria actively working for the Alto’s in their criminal underworld rather than just being a personal trainer? I foresee lots of arguements with the 2 police ladies of the house. 🙂

    • Well… you’re right that Chaotica doesn’t know what Gloria is really up to… and you’re also right in anticipating that there may be stormy times ahead…

      Oh, I was so annoyed at the game when it did that to Oscar. Culinary is a pain of a career to top, especially when they can only cook hot dogs once a day because of the restrictions, and they can’t own a TV or buy books so building skill is WAY harder.

  7. worsiedog Says:

    OH:( Poor Oscar:( So close to meeting his goal, and just as he had found healing and happiness.

    The way the phone fell out his hand was heart wrenching, it gave the pic a chilling reality aspect. Well done for snapping it!

    How on earth do you feed a big family with only one serving of hotdogs?
    I had to laugh at Gloria’s ‘personal training’ classes running late at night.

    • The meals they eat at work/school don’t count against the restriction so it’s just about manageable. They get grumpy sometimes about being hungry but no-one’s starved yet.

  8. “I don’t know how to breathe, I don’t know how to look ahead. I don’t know how I can face the days ahead. He was precious, he was mine. And now he is gone.”

    This last paragraph broke my heart, because I recently felt the exact same way. In fact, it’s the same way I described it to my closest friends. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy.

  9. raquelaroden Says:

    One shift?! Oh that’s so harsh.

    Man…so much work and then he dies just short of lifting it…terrible.

    And then the loss to the family itself is devastating as well. I hope to see happier times soon for the Lazarus family….

    • Ugh, it was very harsh indeed… but I later discovered I was breaking a restriction by him going to work as an elder without maxium athletic so it was for the best!

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