3.1 A new era


My name is Firefly Lazarus. My mother, Chaotica, has asked me to continue these dispatches and to update you on our life here in Riverview. She keeps calling it our ‘progress’. She, and many of her generation, have always believed that this town would be transformed back to what it used to be before the accident.

I don’t know too much about the accident. My father was a survivor, he was barely a teenager when it happened, and I know it affected him deeply. We were always too afraid to ask him about it when we were growing up. Dad was a good man, a loving father, but he was deeply scarred, both physically and emotionally – and we sometimes used to find him talking to himself when he was alone. It was frightening. We didn’t want to do anything to antagonise him, to cause him more pain.

My grandfather was a survivor, too, but I was only a child when he died. He used to sometimes tell us stories about the before times. In our school lessons we were also taught about the before times; but most of our teachers were the children of survivors – very few remembered it themselves.

We’ve always been brought up with a sense of how important it is that we help raise Riverview from the ashes, how we help it to become what it once was – but we don’t really know what that was like – all we have are the stories passed down, and with no survivors in this town any longer, we can only imagine. Sometimes the thought of this place being too different frightens me. It’s not that it’s perfect here – but we have never known anything else. I am writing to you to tell you about us, yet I am scared of ever meeting you. Your world is so different, so alien to my own, and the unfamiliar sometimes feels threatening. It is not that this is a safe place – the nightly raids by the Altos and their gang see to that; but it is a known place. We know our dangers and safe spaces. We know our limits. We all know each other. We know this world.

I work as a police officer, as does my big sister Ezri. We both joined because we feel the Alto mob are controlling too much of this town, and we want people to live in safety. It is a hard job – very physically and mentally demanding, but also one that runs the risks of being targetted by the mob. But it’s important. If we are to be a healthy community, then their reign of fear must come to an end.


My role models are the older members of my family. My aunt Byzantium and her late husband Shavran have really helped with setting up the school. They even started a small public library with the novels produced by members of the artists’ colony and the writings about the before times produced by the survivors. The Altos don’t like this, but they keep the library in a room of the school and the mob know better than to mess with the school. I hope one day we’ll have a large library that people can feel safe to use. There is a wealth of talent here, and it would be wonderful to celebrate it.

The artists here are also very talented, but as you may have heard from my mother, they live in danger the whole time. My aunt Castrovalva is a part of the artists’ colony. She is a real inspiration to me: she followed her passion and she produces beautiful works – despite the threat she and her fellow artists face. Auntie Cas is one of the lucky ones. I have been called to the scene of too many beatings and executions to bear. Each one rends my soul a little: these people, so talented, so beautiful, taken down for daring to bring life to this place.

My uncle Davros is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is a doctor and he and his colleagues brought water and medicine back to our town. I love the feeling of a shower in the morning. My mum is still sometimes a little afraid of it, but it has made such a difference here. People walk with more of a smile than they once did. Fewer people die of disease. And my dear father was able to live out the last of his days healed from the scars he’d gained from a fire in his younger days. For the healing it brought him, I will always be grateful to Davros and his colleagues.


My mother, Chaotica, is a true hero. People in Riverview see her as a sports legend. She has worked tirelessly all her life to help people in this town become fit and healthy, to develop sports teams and athletic training. She and her team mates even helped develop some exercise equipment which we can use to help us. The machines have been a godsend – Ezri, mum, my brother Gaius, my aunt Gloria and I all love to work out. Sometimes I catch mum watching us and she has the biggest, proudest smile. It’s so amazing to see someone achieve their dream, and if I can be only half the woman my mother is, I will be proud. She has helped raise her niece, Hirogen. Davros and Gloria just dote on their daughter, and mum has loved having a child in the shelter again.


Ezri works out all the time. She is so fit and agile, she puts me to shame sometimes! She is a little further ahead in the police career than me, being older. She has been assigned some missions to start going undercover and investigating people that are suspected of being part of the Alto mob. I hope she will stay safe, it’s a very risky assignment.


Echo, our other sister and Ezri’s twin, is so different from us in many ways. She doesn’t care for exercise. She is musical – aunt Cas made her a guitar and she plays it constantly. Ever since we were teenagers it has been her desire to restore this town through music. She is gaining quite a reputation, so much so that the makeshift arts centre, or the ‘theatre’ as we like to call it, is gaining audiences so large the Altos daren’t close it down. They are unhappy about it, of course, but people have really fallen in love with music. My mother says things were quiet when she was young, and the music is a strange phenomeonon – like water, it is both scary and beautiful for her generation.

Mum doesn’t fully understand Echo, she thinks her head is in the clouds, that Grandad filled it with some crazy notions about musicians in the before times and how people loved them. Oh, she loves her, and she can see how much joy her music is bringing to Riverview. Mum is proud of her, I know that, but I think she worries that Echo doesn’t really understand the harshness of the world we live in.

I know my sister though. I know she fully understands. But she chooses a different way, a way to rise above it. I think that is such a precious thing.


My little brother, Gaius, has taken to exercise in a big way. He is always running or working on the weights bench, or doing his stretches. He works out a lot with my aunt Gloria. She’s got him work as a personal trainer, the kind of work she does.

I worry about this work. Gloria comes home very late some times, and I don’t know who her clients are, but some of the rich people here are rather unsavoury characters. I worry they are both in over their heads.


I know my mother wants me to be the head of the household, but I don’t know what that entails. Can I talk to my brother and aunt about my fears for them? Would that be overstepping the mark? Can I ask my mother to do things or accept things she may not want to? Will I meet a loving husband? Will I be a good mother?

I don’t know the answer to any of these things. I want to be the best I can, to help take my family forward as my mother and grandfather did. I only hope I am up to the task I have been assigned.


17 Responses to “3.1 A new era”

  1. I know it’s text heavy: I think these .1 chapters are always going to be text-heavy. But there are more pictures coming in the next few chapters – expect 3.2 soon, as I have played ahead.

  2. […] Legacies, Sims 3, Sims 3 Challenges, Sims 3 Legacies, toddler skilling, Try Everything In 3.1 A New Era, Firefly Lazarus takes the helm as the family continue to steer Riverview through the apocalypse.ย  […]

  3. DB loves her Mac Says:

    I like the text in a generation introduction; it helps give a sense of the new heir’s voice so their dispatches communicate better.

    Firefly is very pretty. I love the way you’re treating her view of her siblings’ “training” professions.

    • Well… that’s what they told Chaotica and the rest of the family. But Chaotica is pretty naive and wants to believe the best about people, and Firefly works for the police, and though she’s pretty junior right now, she’s learning things every day…

  4. 2 cops with 2 criminals in a house? I see sparks flying on the horizon! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope Fly finds a good guy to settle down with.
    I don;t mind the text heavy updates. The writng is so good.
    Looking forward to more updates.

  5. Great update, I think it needed to be text heavy, it explains alot of things. I am glad about the library and that they have proper exercise equipment. You make Firefly and Ezri’s job as policewoman sound very scary, and Firefly discussing the mob beatings and executions reminds one of the dark days of dictators that we sadly see alot lately.

    I just thought I should mention, there is a small mistake when Firefly discusses Echo. When she mentions mom not understanding Echo but being proud of her and that Echo doesn’t quite understand the real world, Firefly uses Ezri’s name by mistake. I know from my own experience that sometimes after you proof read a gazillion times, it becomes too farmiliar to notice.

  6. … to notice things that are not spelling.

    Sorry I clicked send before I finished typing by mistake. *rolls eyes*

  7. catherinesims3 Says:

    Oh, Rad. I finally read this all the way through today, and it’s just so good! I knew that you could make me laugh and that you could teach me things, but I did not know you could make me cry. The way you write this family – ah, just tugs at my heartstrings. I am so glad I got caught up on this story at long last.

    • Aww, that’s such a lovely thing to say. Thanks for taking the time to catch up. It shouldn’t be too hard to stay up to date from now on as I usually update twice a week or so (new update might be out tonight if I can decide how long it’ll be).

  8. moondaisy101 Says:

    I love Firefly’s update. It’s beautifully written and easy to read!
    It’s great to see all the equipment used (Chaotica must be over the moon!) and the school library as well as the make-shift theatre sound like huge improvements.

  9. I can tell I’m going to love Firefly. I found it interesting that you chose to express her fear of restoring Riverview. At first, I couldn’t understand why she was afraid, but then I put myself in her shoes; I’ve lived in the post-apocalyptic Riverview since birth. I’ve never known the beauty I’ve been told about by my elders. I’m not even sure if it ever existed or if my elders exaggerated or imagined such a perfect life. This Riverview is all I know. Of course I would be afraid of everything I’ve ever known being turned upside-down. It’s the same situation Alf was in as a young man, except reversed.

    Also, I like how you refer to the pre-apocalyptic years as “The Before Times”. It reminds me of a time in history people of my religious faith call “The Burning Times” (though mention of The Burning Times is often met with fear and heartache among people of my faith) and really reflects how momentous those times were in history and how disastrous the accident was.

  10. raquelaroden Says:

    Wow…so Gaius is following the criminal path, too? That has to be stressful for Firefly. I hope it won’t cause any rifts within the family, but I can’t see how it wouldn’t–one side working to bring down or subvert the work of the other. Then again, these are trying times, and they probably have a deeper sense of family than a lot of people, because they’ve had to endure so many hardships together.

  11. Ginger Mews Says:

    I am very sorry to pry, but there are links here at the bottom of each story, some of them to other blogs, very sad and troubled blogs. Are they yours? They don’t sound like you (I’ve read your comments) and if they are yours, just know I’m sorry, and depressed for you.

    • Oh gosh no, they’re just random blogs that this WordPress template generates links to, if I could find out how to turn it off, I would!

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