3.8 Charting unknown territory

My children continue to get on so well together.  They’re a real force of nature – I’m beginning to understand what it must have been like for my parents and grandparents to be surrounded by children – it’s never quiet here, never still.  When my mum and her siblings were growing up, things were so much harder than they are now; I can’t imagine what my grandparents went through, raising children with no medical care whatsoever, very little diversions, nothing much in the way of a school.  I don’t want to take any of these things for granted and don’t want the children to, either.

Kes and Krillitane, my youngest, are really close.  I sometimes feel a little jealous of the twins in our family.  My sisters are twins, as were my mother and aunt Cas.  I try to make sure the other two don’t feel left out, or in any way less special, or less included.  I think it helps that they are older than Kes and Krillitane – I was always trying to live up to my sisters when I was their age.  I am trying to encourage the twins to develop their own interests as well as playing together and it seems to be working.  Krillitane is always playing with the block table, while Kes prefers to run around outside.  Both love to read, as does their big sister Ilari.  Jango isn’t as interested in books.  He loves to play games and chat most of all.

My relationship with my own brother continues to be a source of tension.  Lutricia Alto passed away last week and her two elderly brothers are rumoured to be choosing their successor soon.  Gaius has been promoted.  He now oversees the ‘compliance’ teams.  These are the teams of people who ensure no-one steps out of line… and enforce the punishments if they do.  It’s even harder to think about him doing this than to think of him collecting protection money.  He is being trusted with a lot of responsiblity and he believes he has a good chance of succeeding Lutricia as the head of the mob.

Gaius’s activities have also been causing tension between me and Eugene.  An artist friend of his disappeared last week.  He has never really been comfortable knowing what Gaius is doing but up until this point, he trusted me to do what was best for this family and this town.  Now his friend is one of the disappeared he is taking it personally.  He thinks Gaius has become too involved in the mob culture and is losing sight of the original mission.  He is devastated that his own brother-in-law could sanction actions against a good friend of his rather than turn a blind eye.

My husband has always been my rock, my most solid supporter.  What if I am wrong to trust Gaius?  What if Eugene is right and the power has taken him over?  He is so close to his goal, so close to that potential of breaking the stronghold the Altos have on our town… but what if he isn’t chosen?  Or what if he IS and he doesn’t keep his promise?  What will it all mean for my own career?  I am being trusted with profiling the mob’s key figures and sooner or later it will emerge that my brother is one of them.

One person who no longer has to live in fear of the mob is Gloria.  We received word that she died peacefully in her sleep.  Hirogen is devastated.  It has been so hard for her living apart from her mother for so long, and never really being able to see her.  She feels awful that she wasn’t there for her mother when she died.  We are trying to reassure her that this is how Gloria wanted it, that she’d be so proud of all the work Hirogen is doing with the paper.  She is determined to keep working despite her grief, and her anti-protection-money campaign is beginning to gather support.  Gaius always goes quiet when he hears her talking about it.  I am so scared something bad might happen to one of them with these clashing priorities.

There has been plenty to smile about here, too.  My eldest children both recently celebrated birthdays.  My little Ilari is now a fully-grown woman!  I can’t believe I am the mother of an adult already!

The whole family came to celebrate.  Ezri is continuing to produce great music.  Echo has been doing great work establishing an emergency service here, and we now havew a small dedicated team of firefighters and emergency police officers in town.  Ramon and Shana are very involved in the building projects, with Shana overseeing the library.  She’s pouring her heart and soul into it as a tribute to her parents who did so much for the education of this town.

Ilari has set her heart on restoring business to our town.  I am not sure why we need businesses here right now, what they will add to our experience, but she is convinced it is important.  She truly believes the Altos will be toppled soon and that it won’t be long before some of the restrictions against our town our lifted and we can trade with other towns.  She thinks we need a business and commerce infrastructure establishing now to cope with these events when the time comes.  I can’t claim to understand when she talks about markets and trade and all these things.  We learned about them in history at school, but it always seemed so alien, so remote, so pointless to me.  But she is very excited about it and I am excited to see her trying to do something new here.  I don’t fully understand her vision but I will support her – she is a bright young woman and very determined.  I have no doubt she can achieve whatever goals she sets herself.

Jango is growing up to be very good looking and as confident as ever.  I get a feeling I might have to watch him as he grows, I can see him attracting a lot of attention from the girls at school and I don’t want him to have too many distractions from his school work!

One of the most exciting developments I can report is that we finally opened a gymnasium this week.  My cousin Ramon has overseen the build and all of us, and many of our friends and neighbours, have helped out where we can.  I cried when I went to the opening.  I thought of all those who’d gone before, and particularly my mother, who’d made our town’s fitness her primary concern.  To have such a facility here would be beyond her wildest dreams.

We even had a small swimming pool built.  I have heard of such things from the before times, and people have been researching them for some time.  Taking my first steps into the water was nerve-wracking yet very exciting, much like when we got our first shower at home.  I was afraid I might drown but I was told to trust my body and let it power me.  Within an hour I was moving through the water… it was amazing.

Stepping into that water was like stepping into our future… terrifying, unknown… but so full of potential.


7 Responses to “3.8 Charting unknown territory”

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  2. Powerful! It’s interesting to think how someone could think of a thriving economy and a swimming pool as unknown territory, but you really communicated that perspective here.

    There also seem to be some very tenuous threads holding the family members and their conflicting goals together. I hope it doesn’t lead to heartbreak!

  3. moondaisy101 Says:

    I like the insight in growing up with twins. Firefly is such a good thinker.

    I’m a fervent supporter of Gaius . I only wished he had been more open with his family. I can understand Eugene is devastated, but if Gaius exposes too much of him self, starts to spare people… the Altos get suspicious and maybe even will hang him. Then all the effort has been for zilch. I wonder whether Eugene and Firefly realise the enormous stress Gaius must be under by now.

    Poor Hirogen. How terrible to be separated from your mum when that happens. Everybody pays a price to that evil clan… they must be wiped out!

    Nice party time… oh-oh, getting a lot of attention from the girls, does he now, Jango…

    Wow! Great to put the gym an swimming pool in and her reactions… Very realistic. Well done!

    • Yay, I love you! That’s exactly the situation for Gaius: he HAS to do bad things in order to achieve his goal and keep on the Altos’ good side. But are Firefly and Eugene right to be worried about what effect it is having on him?

      Poor Hirogen – I feel really sorry for her with her dad dying when she was young and her mum going away and dying alone… but she’s a tough cookie.

  4. Congratulations on yet another well-done chapter. I love the way you’ve conveyed the magnitude of the swimming pool installation and set up for some Gauis/Eugene drama!

  5. raquelaroden Says:

    It looks like the Lazarus house is making great progress–the gym opens, the birthdays, everything.

    I’m starting to wonder who will take over as heir or heiress…

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