3.10 A sense of achievement

Things here have become much more peaceful since the Altos’ reign was dismantled.  The art world is blooming now that artists are allowed to practice freely, and work has begun on the new gallery.  Not being forced to pay protection money has given people a new level of freedom, and the atmosphere throughout Riverview is changing.  My brother Gaius has done so much for this town, and wherever I go, people tell me he’s a hero, not a criminal.  He is coping well in prison – it gives him a lot of time to work out and to reflect.  He tells me it is doing him good to reflect on his crimes and think about his future.  I hope he will be released before he is too old.

My children continue to thrive.  They are a real tonic and a great help at home.  Kes is a great cook and is still determined to work towards her chef’s certificate when she finishes school.

Krillitane has a really inquisitive mind and is always thinking of new ideas to improve our quality of life and new solutions to problems.  When she isn’t busy reading or writing out complicated equations, she’s always trying to upgrade our sinks, toilets and showers to make them unbreakable or able to clean themselves.  I have no idea where she gets this from, but it’s very useful having her around!

Jango is still busy getting to know people in town, and he’s getting to know someone special very well indeed.  He has a girlfriend, Anne-Marie.  She seems pleasant enough, but time will tell if this is just a crush or if there’s something deeper to their relationship.

Ilari is still very excited about bringing business back to the town.  She spends all of her work days in planning meetings.  I don’t know how she can sit through so many meetings and still be excited by them, but I am pleased that she seems so happy.  She has big plans for the town and she thinks Jango has a lot of potential to help be an ambassador for us when the embargos against us are lifted.  She thinks someone as charismatic as him can be a real asset in terms of diplomacy.  I do wonder if her head is in the sky but maybe she’s right, maybe we really are on the cusp of becoming part of the wider world again.  I hope she isn’t setting Jango up for disappointment.  They are both idealistic and ambitious but I don’t want their dreams to be shattered.

I am getting older, we all are, but I don’t mind too much.  I feel as though I have had a good life and aging has never really worried me.  I keep active, still exercising regularly and enjoying my work.  I have been painting a lot since the Altos were toppled.  It’s really nice to have art around the shelter and I feel as though in some small way I am honouring my aunts and the others whose art was destroyed by creating something permanent.  I don’t think any of my art will be good enough to go in the gallery, though!

My sisters are also getting older, and I hope they are pleased as they look at all they have achieved in their careers: we have a thriving arts and music scene and we have great new emergency services, all thanks to them and their colleagues.

We have so much to celebrate right now.  Eugene’s music is going so well that people around town call him ‘Riverview’s first rock star’ and ask him for his autograph.  He thinks it’s rather strange, but I know he is flattered by the attention.  Working on the Alto case has also boosted my own career, and I have been promoted to the top of the field.  It’s now my job to liase with the burgeoning team of scientific researchers in town to look at new ways of developing technologies that will help with law enforcement.

I’ve achieved my goals now, and so have Eugene and my siblings.  It feels as though it is the right time to hand over the reigns to a new generation.  With Jango now becoming a young adult, I have had a difficult decision to make about who will be my heir.

I didn’t think it right to put the burden onto Kes or Krillitane.  They are both so young, and with them being twins I didn’t want to enforce anything on them that might lead to rivalry or jealousy.  It had to be one of my older children.

I had a long talk to Ilari and Jango about the decision.  Ilari is the oldest and she knows what she wants from life – and it’s not to have the responsibility of running the family.  She was flattered I’d consider her but she wants to focus on business and doesn’t feel like raising a family or staying in one place for the rest of her life is something she can commit to right now – she sees the future as wide open and the thought of becoming the head of household worries her, she’s afraid it might constrain her.  I’m not angry with her for feeling this way – I have enjoyed the responsibility most of the time, but it has also been incredibly difficult at times, and I just want her to follow her dreams.

Jango, on the other hand, was delighted that I would consider him, and said he would do his best to honour the family name and to raise Riverview.  His conversations with Ilari about being an ambassador for the town have inspired him and he really feels that he and his generation will be the ones to see Riverview restored.  He is proud to live here and proud to be a Lazarus.  I trust him to do a good job, to be responsible and to drive our town and family forward.  I am pleased to know that I am giving him a responsibility he relishes, not one he sees as a burden.

He has promised to continue these communications, so you will soon hear from him.  I’m sure he will tell you about all the plans he, Ilari and their colleagues have for the town.  Who knows, maybe one day you will meet him for yourself.  I don’t expect to see Riverview restored in my lifetime, and I am not entirely sure I want to, but it would be a wonderful miracle if my children or grandchildren could see the freedom and change we have been striving for since the accident.

It’s their time to shine, and I look forward to sharing their journey for however long I have left.



6 Responses to “3.10 A sense of achievement”

  1. moondaisy101 Says:

    What a wonderful update. Firefly conveyed the optimisism for a better future and the dazzling possibilities so close at hand beautifully.
    She has been a great head of house, but is so modest about it.
    Well done on her and Eugene to get to the top of their careers! I hope Eugene has forgiven Gaius by now.

    Hooray for Jango! What a great choice! And isn’t he lucky to have three wonderful sisters to help him? I can see Alf nodding happily from heaven. 🙂

  2. DB loves her Mac Says:

    Interesting that Firefly said she isn’t sure she wants to see Riverview restored in her lifetime. Is it more of that fear of the unknown?

    Male heir! 🙂 It’s going around…

    Nice update!

    • Yep, she’s had that fear throughout, it’s totally a fear of the unknown. She probaly won’t see it unless she lives to be very old indeed, though, so I don’t think she needs to worry too much.

  3. raquelaroden Says:

    Oh! It will be interesting to see the first male heir since the founder… 🙂

    So many restrictions have been lifted with this generation! You are doing amazingly well!

    • Two male and two female heirs – I always like symmetry. I planned who’d be the heir and which restriction each of them would go for back when Jango, Kes and Krillitane were toddlers. I didn’t plan Gen 2 or 3 in much detail at all but Gen 4’s destinies have been mapped out for some time.

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