4.9 Great expectations

Life is moving ahead at a fast pace.  People’s homes are being built, and ourcraftspeople are doing great business making furniture and accessories.  The only thing missing is power, though the science team have encouraged us to have wiring installed in our homes in anticipation.  Our own home is well under way – Krillitane and Ria have been amazing in getting work done and their vision for the home is amazing.  It’ll be so nice for us all to have our own bedrooms, though I hope we won’t lose the closeness we’ve been able to develop living in such a small space.

My big sister Ilari is now a mother to baby Sheila.  She’s doing really well at balancing motherhood and work, and is preparing herself for the challenges that reintegration will bring to our business community.  Sheila is beautiful.  Anne-Marie and I were both inspired to have another child after meeting her.

We’ve always wanted a large family and it’s even more exciting to think that this baby could actually be born into a free world.

My other three children are doing really well.  Micah is a keen fisherman and loves going out with his aunt Krillitane to explore the ever-increasing life in our river.

Spending time with the boys has been great for Krillitane – it’s been helping her relax a little more, and she’s so good with them.  She teaches them all kinds of things that I have no idea about.

Our youngest son, Noah, is now at school and even more inquisitive than his older brothers.  He looks up at the stars and wants to know how they are formed.  He loves the different weather and wants to understand it.  Krillitane has promised to get him a telescope from work so that he can explore his interests even more.

The kids are understandably excited about their new baby brother or sister.  They all get on so well and I’m confident the new baby will be well loved.

Luke is becoming a young man – he sometimes seems very serious, but he’s never sad, he’s just always thinking.  He asks us a lot of questions about what reintegration will mean, how it will change our lives and our town, what we will be able to do. 

It’s difficult to know how to answer those questions so we’re as honest as we can be – we believe it will be good, we’ve always believed that. We believe there will be new technologies, new experiences, new things to see, to eat, to taste, to do – new people to meet.  But the truth is we just don’t know.  We don’t know if other towns have experienced catastrophes.  We don’t know if life inyour world is as good and free and exciting as we were always taught – we just have to believe, and hope.

There has been a real change in Krillitane lately – she’s seemed much more relaxed, and as if she’s finally worked out what she wants from life. Spending time with the children and working on the house has helped hjer focus on things other than work – but work has been much more rewarding lately. She finally became engaged to Ria, and she seems more confident about the future than she has ever been.

The research team have come up with a new breakthrough in their search for generating power. They’ve been able to channel electricity on a small scale for some time now (Krillitane is often getting minor shocks from it, shocks that make her hair stand on end, though she insists it’s nothing to worry about!), and now they believe they’ve come up with a way, finally, of supplying power to the whole town.

They have set up a wind turbine, hopefully the first of many, which they believe is capable of harnessing power. The turbine goes into operation tomorrow. The next time I write we may be finally free from our restrictions.

For now we wait in eager anticipation.


10 Responses to “4.9 Great expectations”

  1. DB loves her Mac Says:

    Oooooooooo, big doings with the Lazaruses! Cognratulations on the fourth baby; I like the boys, but I hope it’s a girl!

    I like the discussion of Luke’s thinkiness. His facial expressions really imply that serious gears are turning inside.

    • I wasn’t going to give them a fourth baby because I couldn’t think of a decent O name that fitted with the theme – but every other generation has had four kids, and Jango and Anne-Marie were forever rolling wants to kiss and woohoo and to have children, so in the end I gave in to their wants.

  2. The part about wiring the house in anticipation is just one of those little details that really shows how much thought you put into your stories, Rad. Well done. 🙂

    Nice explanation about being free.

    Hooray for Krillitane and Ria! and for the ‘O’ nooboo on the way!

  3. moondaisy101 Says:

    Such a nice update!
    Lol at the pic where Krilitane proposes to Ria (in between the burglar alarm and the fire alarm). May I ask what dimesnions these pictures are?
    Congratulations on achieving so much, Rad! I’ll miss the Lazarus family when all the restrictions are lifted, but then I never read the ‘Dayes’ yet… 🙂

    • Well… technically all the restrictions are lifted as of this chapter, though they themselves don’t know it yet…

      I’ve got all the shots for the final entry and the postscript now, it’s just a matter of writing the entries, they’ll possibly go up tonight or tomorrow.

      Not sure of the original dimensions – whatever it is that I run my game on. The blog photo dimensions are 450×337.

  4. […] hydrophobic and having more babies, while in the penultimate episode of the Lazarus Dispatches, 4.9 Great Expectations things are progressing very well for our apocalypse survivors… […]

  5. raquelaroden Says:

    So close now! Amazing.

    I love the picture of Krillitane with her hair standing on end, lol…she really does look the part of a mad scientist. 🙂

    The boys are growing up well–Luke is very handsome.

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