Postscript 1

Dear Mayor Lazarus

On behalf of the people of Sunset Valley, I am writing to congratulate you and all the people of Riverview on your hard work in establishing your town and freeing yourselves from the aftermath of the terrible accident that devastated your town so many years ago.

I want you to know that the dispatches sent out by you and your family have been reaching us here in Sunset Valley and we have been following your progress for several generations.  Our library displays them all in a public archive and our schools teach about the accident that devastated your town and about the dispatches sent by your great-grandfather, grandmother and mother.

I must tell you that until that first dispatch from Alf Lazarus came through, the world believed your town had been destroyed, and the safety zone around you was erected purely for the safety of the rest of us, not because anyone thought there would be survivors.  That first message from your great-grandfather changed everything.  Since then we have been monitoring your progress eagerly and willing you all to come through.  We’re so glad you did.  We have heard so much about what Riverview was like before the accident, from the stories and photos passed down to us, and we are so excited about seeing what you have become.

We have been putting aside a help fund since we received that first dispatch and there is a substantial amount of money to help you with your rebuilding, should you require it.  We will also provide you with whatever materials, expertise and equipment you need to help in your reintegration.

I myself have been reading your own dispatches with great interest.  The way your council operates has challenged us here in Sunset Valley to think of our own infrastructure.  We are so glad that now we will be able to visit Riverview and that you will be able to visit us.  I look forward to hearing more of your stories in person and extend to you an open invitation to visit us here, as our guests.

Yours faithfully,

Karis Kyoti

Mayor of Sunset Valley.


8 Responses to “Postscript 1”

  1. […] Dispatches and you can read the final dispatch here: 4.10 The end, and the beginning along with Postscript 1 and Postscript 2.  This challenge/story has been a labour of love and it’s been hard at […]

  2. Perfect!

    ~thrilled to see a Kyoti meet a Lazarus~

  3. raquelaroden Says:

    Ah! That’s brilliant! *off to read 2nd postscript*

  4. I hope it isn’t too cheesy it being Karis who wrote to him at the end. I always envisaged that the dispatches were being read in SV, even though the Lazaruses didn’t know what was happening to them, and planned some time ago that the postscript would be SV’s response.

    It would make sense that SV’s mayor/leader would be the one to send the official response, so I figured it may as well be during Karis’s reign.

  5. moondaisy101 Says:

    It not cheesy at all. It makes absolute sense… It is a masterstroke! 🙂

  6. What a fantastic idea! It does make sense that the dispatches were being read in SV, and it really makes everything so realistic.

  7. Arden103 Says:

    Yay!!! You answered my prayers to continue the Kyotis

    You did. That is what makes you special, Rad.

    Congratulations. Great job.

    • Well, they do crop up from time to time. Alfie Win lives in Kingsfield (my hood story that I haven’t updated much yet!) although he hasn’t popped up in my play sessions yet

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