Postscript 2


I wanted to give the Lazaruses some fun after their hard slog through the apocalypse, so this post is my thank you to them for all their work, and my a little treat for you, our readers and friends.  I’ve really valued all your support, comments and company on this journey.  From myself and the Lazarus family – thank you so much.  Here’s to a new world!


13 Responses to “Postscript 2”

  1. […] you can read the final dispatch here: 4.10 The end, and the beginning along with Postscript 1 and Postscript 2.  This challenge/story has been a labour of love and it’s been hard at times but worth it.  […]

  2. It’s so nice to see them having fun.

    • I really enjoyed letting them run around the world for a bit. Jango, Anne-Marie and the kids had a massive game of tag but I couldn’t get a shot of all of them playing it together. The old people enjoyed their nectar a little too much cos they kept going back for more even after I’d staged the table shot!

  3. raquelaroden Says:

    Ha! That’s great….they not only get reconnected to their immediate area, but to other countries. Yay! 🙂

  4. moondaisy101 Says:

    The Lazarus family on holidays abroad! Wonderful! 🙂

  5. another really great idea! The walls are down; they’re free to connect with the entire world now.

    again, just a wonderful, inspired creation!

  6. Thanks so much – I wanted to give everyone something fun as a thankyou, pleased people like it.

  7. delaneylegacy Says:

    I just read the entirety of the Lazarus Dispatches and I must say that I absolutely LOVED your story. Your writing is amazing and I really connected with each of your characters. Excellent job! I look forward to reading more of your work =)

    • Aww, thanks a lot. I mainly have fun stuff going on right now with my WYDC and my observational/experimental legacy, but I have a serious story on the way very soon (just doing sets and shots for it at the moment)


  9. ChocolateCheesecake Says:

    Just read the whole of this and your Kyoti legacy and had to comment. I know you did this years ago, but I enjoyed them so much I thought you should know 🙂 The writing was amazing, especially in this one, and I fell in love with each and every sim you introduced. I love the way you put Karis at the end of this, she was definitely one of my favourites from the Kyoti legacy. I also want to applaud you on completing such a difficult task. I read the rules and restrictions before I started reading this and thought ‘there is no way anyone could do this’, not only have you managed to do it but you’ve made an amazing story out of it, so thank you because without it I would have been bored out of my mind these past few days 🙂

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