Restrictions Lifted

Military – Lifted by Alf

Top military career: allows adult sims to visit other sims and town locations.

Comforting Children – Lifted by Byzantium

Child to reach level 6 painting before teen birthday – allows elders to be controlled by the player

Ghostly Encounter – Lifted by Shana

Max out friendship bar with a ghost – means beds don’t need to be sold for protection money and graves can be moved.

Master Painter – Lifted by Castrovalva

Max painting skill – means sims can have rugs, sculptures and curtains; means sims can own guitars and learn the music skill.

Medical – Lifted by Davros

Max medical career – means sims can have multiple toilets and sinks, take showers and baths, woohoo without ‘trying for baby’ and visit the hospital.

Professional Sports – Lifted by Chaotica

Max sports career – means sims can use exercise machines and can carry more than three items in their inventory (plus some smaller interactions)

Music (Symphonic) – Lifted by Echo

Max music (symphonic) career: means sims can now host parties, funerals and weddings.  Sims can now change clothing and appearance.

Thief – Lifted by Gloria

Max criminal (thief) career: means sims can now rummage, kleptomaniacs can steal, criminals can do things other than just serve time in prison, criminals can bring home stolen wares.

Law Enforcement (Spy) – Lifted by Ezri

Max police (spy) career: Means sims can now call for the emergency services and can own smoke detectors and fire alarms.  Teenage and elder sims with less than 10 athletic skill can now leave the lot for things other than school and work.

Criminal (Evil) – Lifted by Gaius

Max criminal (evil) career: Means protection money no longer has to be paid and sims can keep more than one ‘crafted’ item on a lot.

Law (Forensic) – Lifted by Firefly

Max police (forensic) career: Sims can sleep in beds with a plus 2 comfort rating.

Music (Rock) – Lifted by Eugene

Max music (rock) career: Young sims can do homework together and skill build with objects that do not raise fun.

Business – Lifted by Ilari

Max business career: Sims can use and own businesses and shops, sell items, cut gems and hire service sims.

Master Gardener – Lifted by Anne-Marie

Reach level 10 in gardening: Sims can plant, buy and eat fruit and vegetables, use landscaping tools, use telescopes, and place homes on ground level.

Journalism – Lifted by Hirogen

Max journalism career: Sims no longer have to quit jobs for missing work, elders may retire, sims may receive maternity pay.

Political – Lifted by Jango

Max political career: Sims can build outside of the designated 8×8 space and can perform ‘influencing’ actions.

Culinary – Lifted by Kes

Max culinary career: Sims can cook whatever they want, whenever they want (other than using ovens/microwaves etc until science is lifted) and visit the diner and bistro.

Science – Lifted by Krillitane

Sims can use electricity.

Hopelessness – Lifted when all other restrictions are lifted

Sims are free to do everything the game offers.


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